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App to monitor the observations of hand hygiene in order to avoid infections

Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta, Avinguda de França, Girona, Espanya


Nurse in charge: Dolors Domènech

Entity/Agency in charge: Institut Català de la Salut


Hand hygiene is the starting point for the reduction of infections associated to health care and for the improvement of the patient’s safety.

Direct observation is an investigation technique with the purpose of observing the adherence of the professionals to the advice coming from the WHO in the realization of the hand hygiene procedure.

The app that we have developed allows for the consultation, creation and editing of the observations and opportunities of the professionals regarding hand hygiene in real time during the patients’ assistance. It is demonstrated that the direct observation, maintained over time, contributes to the increase of the fulfillment of hand hygiene.

It is an app based on the observational form by WHO and adapted for mobile phones and tablets, accessible from anywhere in the hospital or health center and not conditioned by the alcohol solution that is consumed in the center or the operative system or the type of device used by the observer.

The information is registered in a database and can be exploited statistically by the observers (professionals who collect the observations).

This allows for the monitoring of the completion of hand hygiene in the quickest and most efficient way possible, time-saving and minimizing the transcription errors generated by the questionnaires in paper format.

The Hand Hygiene Work Group of the Departament de Salut showed their interest in this idea, as there is no tool of this characteristics in Catalunya. It could be provided to all centers, public and private, in order to homogenize the methodology in data collection on the fulfillment of hand hygiene.

Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta, Avinguda de França, Girona, Espanya

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