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SEM Base, Heliport of Alt Pirineu and Hospital of Tremp.

La Vall d'Aran, Lleida, Espanya


Nurse in charge: Maria Elena Castro (Subjefe territorial SEM de Lleida y en el Alt Pirineu – Aran)


The Medical Emergency System (SEM) service is integrated by a team of professionals from different fields, including nurses, and its fundamental main goal is to offer a health care response to the out-of-hospital urgencies and emergencies in a quick, efficient manner, to the highest standards in Catalonia.

The SEM is provided with different types of mobile resources so that they can offer their services with the maximum guarantees. Such resources include ambulances and helicopters distributed around the whole Catalan territory.

The SEM has 4 medical helicopters distributed strategically so that they can assist any patient that undergoes a medical or traumatological emergency in Catalonia. The air transportation of patients complements the ground transport, thus offering improvements before factors such as distance, accessibility and the patient’s care, for instance, in mountain areas.

All of the health workers that perform tasks in air transport are required to have very specific and specialized knowledge and preparation regarding the means of transport where they do their job.

La Vall d'Aran, Lleida, Espanya

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