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Hospital de Palamós, Carrer Hospital, Palamós, Espanya


Nurse in charge: Dalmau Vila Vidal

Entity/Agency in charge:  Serveis Integrats del Baix Empordà


On the 11th June of 2010, the new hyperbaric chamber of the Hospital of Palamós was launched. The old one had been active since its installation in the hospital in 1994. During these almost 16 years of uninterrupted activity, more than 900 people were treated and more than 7,000 sessions of treatment and training of staff were conducted.

The current chamber was built in Germany for the company HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT and it has two compartments, its diameter is 2.5 meters and its total length is 5.8 meters. This allows for a maximum treatment capacity of 8 seated people. However, it can be configured in different ways: 2 people on stretchers, one person on a stretcher and 4 seated or eight people seated can be treated. In addition, it has an innovative air supply system and it is provided with the most modern safety mechanisms available. The maximum work pressure is 5 bars.

The Unit of Hyperbaric Medicine of the Hospital of Palamós currently employs 6 doctors, 21 nurses and 4 chamber operators. There is a permanent on-call team of 3 people (doctor, nurse and chamber operator) who are available for any urgencies 24 hours a day every day of the year.

In the same way, the medical examinations that are required for the practice of both sport and professional diving are done in this Unit, as well as several educational activities.

Hospital de Palamós, Carrer Hospital, Palamós, Espanya

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