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Birth Center of the Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell

Hospital de San Juan de Dios Martorell, Avinguda Mancomunitats Comarcals, Martorell, España
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Nurses in chargeMontserrat Batlle Margarit and Rafael Gómez Rojas

Entity/Agency in charge: Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. Hospital de Martorell


The Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell is the reference hospital of 13 municipalities and 160,000 citizens living in El Baix Llobregat Nord. We have been working on the improvement of the care quality in the obstetrical area for 6 years, adapting the clinical practice to the new standard birth labor strategies, the clinical practice guides and the good practices. The objective is to work under scientific evidence, focusing on a personalized, holistic care model.

Our female users are increasingly requesting to get involved in their own birth process and in the decision-making process of the clinical practices that will be applied to them – there is a claim for an active role. The existing information and the evidenced results give them the wish to make their own agreements with the professionals in their search for a positive birth experience for them and their family, with the best safety levels and experiencing the arrival of their child in a special manner.

The professionals working in our center offer a woman-centered care. In other words, we offer a health care that is guided by the individual needs and preferences, with the opportunity to take informed decisions on the women’s own care and treatment, all with our collaboration and support. The display of the highest competences on the part of the midwife for some years now also promotes the search for new professional challenges, such as leading a low-risk obstetrical unit.

Our project consists of the creation of a birth center integrated in the Hospital, an option that adapts to the needs of the users, the professionals and the center, an option that is backed by scientific recommendations and the conclusions of some studies that positively assess these areas, which promote the physiological process with a minimal intervention and are focused on the needs of the women and their families.

Without the need of epidural anesthesia, the number of medical interventions diminishes and this entails an increase on the prevalence of maternal breastfeeding as well as its duration. In addition to an improvement on the cost-effectiveness, there are satisfactory results in the obstetrical indicators and a high satisfaction rate among families.

The project “Birth Centre of the Hospital de Martorell” incorporates the guidelines of the Plan de Salud 2016-2020 (with an improvement on the low complexity birth labor model).

Hospital de San Juan de Dios Martorell, Avinguda Mancomunitats Comarcals, Martorell, España

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