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Collegi Oficial d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona, Carrer de Pujades, Barcelona, España


Nurse in charge: Sol Muñoz, director of  ÍDIC

Entity/Agency in charge: Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona


IDIC is the Center of nurse innovation and development from the Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona and its fundamental purpose is to develop strategies that will influence the creation of a cultural change within the nursing profession, in order to empower it and orient it towards advanced positions in offering innovative nursing services and products thanks to the acquisition of high-level skills.

IDIC is an inclusive and transversal center that is based on the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, the nurse intervention in business through new consultancy models, the advanced training in the development of new nursing skills and the establishment of networks to link the nursing talent.

IDIC, which was created in 2016, will conduct the innovative proposals, which will place Barcelona’s nursing stage at the forefront of a new professional, business, social and economic model that shall be more efficient, sustainable, healthy and an international benchmark.

The center is developing three programs:

  • IDIC Empre’Sa, aimed at the realization of consultancy for projects or enterprises (health-related or not).
  • IDIC Innov’Acció, which intends to create a transversal space in which nurses can develop their professional skills as much as possible and take advantage of the rest of the services offered by the Col·legi, such as the job center or the library and the experience of the professionals that take part in it – both nurses and other professional and technical profiles –, with the objective of launching and/or innovating on different nursing-related aspects.
  • IDIC Desenvolupa’t. The nurse, who is always there in every person’s vital moments and is traditionally multifaceted and creative, has skills, attitudes and aptitudes that are unique due to her holistic, integrative vision, with transversal high-impact knowledge because of the role that she has in society and in the health care system.
    The nursing approach and nursing as a profession are currently in an excellent position to diagnose, deal with and solve problems and complex situations of multifactorial health, both among people and among groups, organizations, institutions and enterprises.
    This program will develop several college curricular paths in Catalonia that will allow for the training of new professional nurse profiles to lead this professional way. In this sense, it may be possible to incorporate Master’s programs in areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship and development of nurse-related personal, professional and leadership skills, personal and labor health advice or the consultancy of the development of healthy organizations.


Collegi Oficial d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona, Carrer de Pujades, Barcelona, España

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