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Course on Person-Centered Care (ACP) in a dependency care context


Nurses in charge: Montse Alsina and Núria Gamell

Entity/Agency in charge:  Fundació Salut i Envelliment-UAB con la colaboración de la Associació Catalana de Recursos Assistencials-ACRA


The Person-Centered Care (ACP) Model is the method that currently prevails among nursing homes everywhere in the relationship between professionals and the people treated.

This model places the people being treated in the center of the care process, taking into consideration their autonomy and decision-making abilities. Therefore, it requires a cultural shift from both the professionals and the institutions, and it also demands an adaptation of procedures, systems and regulations of the health care centers themselves.

In order to make this change and adaptation, a good conceptual, procedural and attitudinal base is required, one that will allow for the effective application of this model within the current nursing home context in Catalonia.

The Associació Catalana de Recursos Assistencials (ACRA) is the management that concentrates most of the professionals and centers of this sector in Catalonia, that is, 441 entities and 990 services, with over 37,000 positions and over 27,000 direct employees. From the direct contact with the associates, it can be gathered that there is an increasing unrest among the professionals and institutions, who want to adapt their centers and perform appropriate actions adapted to this ACP model that is starting to prevail.

The goal of this project is to offer specialized and up-to-date training that allows the participants to develop professional actions adapted to the Person-Centered Care (ACP) model in the context of geriatric residences and dependency care.

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