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Effectiveness and quality of mental health care at Institut d’Assistència Sanitària

Hospital de Santa Caterina, Carrer del Doctor Castany, Salt, España
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Nurse in charge: Margarita de Castro Palomino

Entity/Agency in charge: Institut d’Assistència Sanitària


Xarxa de Salut Mental i Addiccions de les comarques gironines (the mental healthcare and addiction network of Girona) has been recognized as a referential model both nationally and internationally by the European study REFINEMENT (Research on Financing systems’ Effect on the quality of  Mental health care) that analyses how funding systems affect quality of mental healthcare and compares existing models in Europe (Italy, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Swede, Estonia and Romania). This study reveals the effectiveness and quality in the care given to people with mental illness.

According to the analysis the network in Girona, which is the one with the less hospital resources, the shortest average stay in hospital and the lowest rate of healthcare professionals in Europe among other items experiments:

  • The lowest utilization of hospital resources in Europe (l’1’17 x 1.000 hab. versus el 3 x 1.000 hab. a Europa)
  • The highest rate of the continuity of treatment in Europe (90% versus the average 57% in Europe)
  • The lowest hospital readmission rate in Europe (18% versus 40%)
  • The highest rate of community resources versus hospital resources in Europe (70/30).
  • The study also reveals that Girona has one of the best systems to access healthcare centres because provides with a wide network that provides with proximity, easiness to be treated and therefore better diagnosis which impacts in lower rates of chronicity.

Hospital de Santa Caterina, Carrer del Doctor Castany, Salt, España

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