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Infermera virtual, Barcelona, España


Nurse in charge: Marc Fortes, coordinator

Entity/Agency in charge: Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona


Infermera virtual is a portal for promotion and health education, but it is also a global professional project that supports each nursing conduct, thus becoming a work tool for nurses that will assure the continuity of assistance and support to the on-site care.

The Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona (COIB) has been working on its conception and development since 2005, fostering its growth and continuous improvement.

Infermera virtual is based on the “activities of the daily life” (ADL), which refers to the needs that the people have to meet for their own benefit within a particular time framework in order to achieve life sustenance, a healthy functioning, a continuous personal development and the highest possible degree of wellbeing and life quality.

In addition to that, we identified two big content blocks called “life situations” and “health issues” that will allow us to manage the sheets “What you should know” (WYSK). This is how the content units are called.

As for the 3,000+ content pages that are available in Infermera virtual, these are generated after a process of structural, pedagogical and scientific review, and are updated yearly.

Infermera virtual adapts to the circumstances and offers the citizens the possibility of accessing a validated and trustworthy content through a free mobile app. The citizens can also find all of this content adapted into different formats (videos, infographics and health tutorials) that are meant to facilitate both the access to the information and its correct understanding.

All of this with the set goal of helping to deliver the best nurse care and doing so like nurses do: enabling the people to take their own health-related decisions and understanding the real value of nursing.


The documentation below is only available in Spanish and Catalan


Tutorial #PrescribeSalud Health advises Els Bonsu

Infermera virtual, Barcelona, España

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