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Catalunya, Espanya



Nurses play a key role in many parts of the emergencies and medical emergencies field both attending patients and coordinating staffs and operations in the several emergency services.

In Catalonia, we find nurses working at emergency rooms in every single hospital public or private which offers immediate assistance to citizens. They are also present in pediatrics emergency rooms integrating multidisciplinary teams which offer aid to infants who face health emergency situations.

Nurses carry on with the triage of patients defining their level of severity and therefore the timing in which they ought to be taken care of. Nurses manage the care flow in the emergency rooms. Outside the hospital facilities we can also find medical emergencies nurses at SEM (the Catalan Service for Medical Emergencies). They play a key role in ambulances with advanced life support equipment as part of a multidisciplinary team being responsible for taking care of the critically ill patients.

They are also part of the care team in the units equipped for transferring paediatric patients form one hospital facility to another. In these cases, nurses are part of a specialized team for the stabilization and transferring of newborns and children.

Nurses also lead care teams at the firefighters’ ambulance services that carry on with the care giving in emergency situations, rescue operations and firefighting.

Finally, medical emergencies nurses are also part of the team that manages Health Coordination situation rooms, like the one in SEM. In this context nurses assess, coordinate and supervise emergency resources in the city of Barcelona.

Catalunya, Espanya

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