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Waterbirth at Hospital Santa Caterina

Hospital Santa Caterina, Carrer del Doctor Castany, Salt, España
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Nurse in charge: Alícia Ferrer

Entity/Agency in charge: Hospital Santa Caterina (Institut d’Assistència Sanitària)


Waterbirth at Hospital Santa Caterina is accredited by Sistema Nacional de Salut (National Spanish Health System) as a good care practice.

Healthcare obstetrics at Hospital Santa Caterina are based on respect for women and on giving the proper information to them, during the pregnancy. It is also based on the search for the more natural and scientifically evidenced based solutions for deliveries. The main goal is to provide with good perinatal and obstetric results and, at the same time a high level of satisfaction on women and their partners.

Waterbirth is one of the care options offered to women when they are about to give birth. To be able to do so, the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service has equipped its spaces for caregiving for minimally medicalised deliveries. Among the equipment provided one finds: bathtubs for dilatation and expulsion. Dilatation on a bathtub is very effective to alleviate pain and very satisfactory for women. After a comprehensive review of the published scientific literature Hospital Santa Caterina has a complete guide for caregiving on the process of waterbirth published in 2006. This guide is part of the offer of caregiving provides to users for the childbirth process. Whaterbirth is a form of natural birth subject to a strict criteria of inclusion and exclusion.

Hospital Santa Caterina, Carrer del Doctor Castany, Salt, España

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