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Continuity Program for Puerperal and Prenatal Early Discharge

Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona, Espanya
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Nurse in charge: Carme Compte Corominas. Assistant Clinical Director at Obstetrics and gynaecology Departments of Gironès and Pla de L’Estany territorial area. Institut Català de la Salut Girona  Departament de Salut. Hospital Trueta

Project midwives: Vanessa Campàs, Emilia Badosa, Enrique Estevez, Laura Conejero, Lara Maria Redondo and Clara Maldonado.

Entity/Agency in charge: Hospital Universitari Dr. Josep Trueta in Girona


The Continuity Program for Puerperal and Neonatal Early Discharge facilitates an early return of the mother and baby to the family nucleus after childbirth thus reducing the health intervention in a physiological process that in most cases does not involve complications.

We know the benefits of early discharge in vaginal delivery of healthy babies which also include a higher incidence and duration of a long-term breastfeeding, facilitation of maternal bond, greater involvement of the father in the care of the baby, greater feeling of maternal self-confidence and decrease in the rate of postpartum depression.

Early puerperal discharge aims not only to reduce the overall costs of postpartum care, but also to adapt to the current demand of society in relation to the least medicalization in normal delivery care.

This program implements the figure of the midwife in the hospitalization unit and the continuity of care in the family home.

Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona, Espanya

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