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Travessera de les Corts, 131-159, Barcelona, España


Nurse in charge: Assumpció González Mestre

Entity/Agency in charge: Departament de Salut. Generalitat de Catalunya.


The Programa Pacient Expert Catalunya®, structured within the Program of prevention and attention to chronicity from the Departament de Salut, was born 10 years ago (October of 2006) in the city of Barcelona, in a project of chronical pathology management, with the idea of promoting the participation of people in their own health process. It is based on experiences that are similar in other countries, but with its own methodology, adapted to Catalunya’s population and health care system.

It corresponds to the project 1.4 from the Pla de Salut de Catalunya 2016-2020 about self-responsibility, self-care and promotion of people’s autonomy in the area that corresponds to people-centered care.

It is considered to be a communal, multidisciplinary Program, complementary to any other type of intervention, which consists in forming groups of 10-12 people with a common health problem. The distinguishing trait is that the one who conducts these groups is the expert patient, while the health professionals act as observers during these sessions and are not allowed to intervene except in exceptional circumstances.

The objective is to learn from one another, to do peer learning, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the expert patient and the rest of the participants for a period of 9 weeks (1 session per week) with a post-intervention monitoring at 6 and 12 months.

One of the strengths of the Program, something acknowledged by all of the actors implied, is the thorough methodology, the evaluation and a unique database that is common to all of the health providers in Catalunya.

During these 10 years of evolution of the Program, 6.723 people with chronical diseases have taken part in it, 401 of which are expert patients. In addition, 1.037 health professionals have acted as observers in it, 693 of which are nurses.

The results obtained show improvements in the areas of acquired knowledges, self-care, quality of life, habits and lifestyles, as well as in the service attendance.

Although being considered a multidisciplinary program based on collaborative work, it should be highlighted that the directorship of the Program is constituted by 3 nurses, and the regional referents are also nurses and are in charge of accompanying in its design, implementation and consolidation.

Photographies: Institut Català de la Salut (ICS)

Travessera de les Corts, 131-159, Barcelona, España

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