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Unit of support of natural therapies at Hospital Clinic

Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, España
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Nurse in charge: Jaume Güell Picazo

Entity/Agency in charge: Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


If we leave aside for a moment the etiology of cancer in all of its dimensions and the factors that condition its appearance, and we take note of the impact that the diagnosis of this disease has on the affected people and their families, it is easy to understand the preoccupied reactions that take place when a person is told that he or she has cancer.

This project intends to offer the oncological and hematological patient the necessary tools to deal with the disease process in a proactive and holistic way, giving him/her the support and comfort provided by natural therapies and complementary interventions from the point of view of complementarity, thus contributing to the covering of psycho-emotional aspects that are not regarded in public health care.

The project is a set of collaboration agreements between the Hospital Clínic and the different associations, entities and groups that, voluntarily and selflessly, help us to achieve the objectives of this project. These agreements are coordinated by one single person and they do not entail any economic expense for either the patient or the hospital.

Since July 2013, we have been incorporating different agreements: Reiki therapy (volunteers from the Association of Reiki therapists of Catalunya), Therapy Art (students from the Master’s in Therapy Art of the UPF), Music therapy at home for patients under 20 (ONG), performances with live music (Música en Vena Association), Self-make-up workshops (funded by a cosmetics laboratory), Proyecto Studia for patients who are students in a degree (Universitat de Barcelona), Tatuaje Areola (Grup GAMIS) and a small library (contributed by a publishing house). Doubtlessly, the most successful therapy has been Reiki, where there are volunteers from the Asociación de Terapeutas de Reiki de Catalunya that carry out an average of 550-600 monthly therapies on our patients while these are either being administered chemotherapy in the Day Hospital or hospitalized.

Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, España

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