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Calle Padilla, 326-332, Barcelona, España


Nurse in charge: Rosa Rifà Ros


The origin of the project goes back to 2006 with the Project of Improvement of the immigrant population care in primary health care in Catalunya, which was carried out from the GREVS (Group of Research on healthy lifestyles). In this multicenter study, carried out in 15 primary health care centers from the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), 67 nurses collaborated, identifying 55 different diagnostic labels. Its results showed a great diagnostic variability from which a new project arose, called Nursing diagnoses linked to the migrant process: the perspective of the Nursing professionals and subsidized by the Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona, with the objective of analyzing the view of nurses on the different nursing diagnoses linked to the migrant process, in which 13 nursing diagnoses were identified, which were carried out between the meta-synthesis and the focal group .

The future lines suggested in the study claimed that it was necessary to carry out proposals of nursing diagnoses which took into consideration the perspective of the newly arrived people on their migrant experience. This was the starting point of the investigation carried out for the obtainment of a PhD with the thesis Nursing diagnoses linked to the migrant process: the perspective of the immigrants, which is completed with the proposal of this new diagnosis that incorporates, as NANDA itself suggests, the perspective of the professionals that will use it and its recipients.

The inclusion of this nursing diagnosis in the databases of the computer applications for the management of health care through standards and formalized competences will entail, on the one hand, the structural and institutional compromise towards cultural diversity and, on the other, the implicit acceptance of the main role of nurses in tackling the challenges posed by the immigrant population.

Calle Padilla, 326-332, Barcelona, España

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