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Nurse in charge: Eva Barallat Gimeno (IP)

Entity/Agency in charge: GRECS (Grup de Recerca en Cures de Salut -IRBLleida).


The investigators of the Grup de Recerca en Cures de Salut (GRECS) of the Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida (IRBLleida) have taken part for the last 3 years in the European project of the application of new technologies, ANIMATE.

This project has helped to tackle one of the main problems that exist currently, the so-called generation gap, but it has also improved the quality of life. All of this through the development and use of innovative solutions based on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

In this public-private collaboration research, which is called ANIMATE (the English abbreviation of Intergenerational Community for Company Knowledge Transfer), the participants are five entities of three different European countries  (Spain, the United Kingdom and Switzerland).

The main goal was to help developing a website platform that was intuitive and easy to navigate, tested by final users from Lleida. Generally speaking, these final users were formal and informal caretakers with and without experience. In the moment of the commercialization of this platform, several companies from different places will be contacted, thus allowing the access to all kind of users in order to exchange knowledge.

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