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Effectiveness of the Otago exercise program applied as a group in older people who are not institutionalized to reduce the likelihood of falls

CAP Onze de Setembre, Passeig de l'Onze de Setembre, Lleida, Espanya
LLEIDA Nurse in charge:  Mª Angeles Costa Menén. Infermera Àrea Bàsica de Salut Onze de Setembre de Lleida, Institut Català de la Salut Lleida subproject lead researcher: Joan Blanco Blanco. Grup de recerca en cures de la Salut (GRECS- IRBLleida) National project lead researcher: Laura Albornós Muñoz...

APANICU 1.0 : Automated system for the assessment of pain in newborns admitted in intensive care units

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Carrer de l`Escorxador, Tarragona, Espanya
TARRAGONA Nurse in charge: Josep Oriol Casanovas Marsal, PhD Entity/Agency in charge:  Departament d’Infermeria, Grup d’Investigació Smart Health Research Group (Departament d’Enginyeria Informàtica i Matemàtiques) – Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII de Tarragona. Description The APANICU 1.0 project is a prototype for the...


Healthink Agency, SCP
CATALONIA Nurses in charge: Lorena Villa, Octavi Rodriguez and Antonio Torrejón Entity/Agency in charge: Healthink Agency Description HealthScience is a personal project of three nurses whose goal is to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge in health, which serves as a basis for the...

Childhood and Mediterranean Diet (INFADIMED)

Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Jordi Fernández Blanco Entity/Agency in charge: Direcció d’Atenció Primària Costa de Ponent (Institut Català de la Salut) Description INFADIMED is a program conducted by professionals of primary health care nursing that promotes the Mediterranean diet among the pre-school and primary students...

MidconBirth. The contribution of the midwife in the standard birth labor

Carrer del Dr. Aiguader, 80, 08003 Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Ramón Escuriet Entity/Agency in charge: Escola Superior Infermeria del Mar. Universitat Pompeu Fabra Description MidconBirth is an observational study that takes place in different hospitals and public centers where childbirths are conducted. The study takes place in different phases and will eventually incorporate...

Critical Evaluation of Critical Thinking on hospitalisation nurses according to Alfaro-LeFevre circular model

Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron, Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Esperanza Zuriguel Pérez Entity/Agency in charge: Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron. Description BACKGROUND A higher need of patient-centered health care and a practice based on evidence are the factors that emphasize the critical thinking as a professional competence. At a theoretical level, Alfaro-LeFevre...

Definition and validation of the diagnostic label ‘Fear of the process of dying’ and evaluation of the nursing interventions derived from it

Avinguda de la Generalitat, 202-206, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurses in charge: Lidia Fernández Donaire (IP), Joaquín Tomás Sábado, Amor Aradilla Herrero, Montserrat Edo Gual, Pilar Fernández Narváez, Cristina Monforte Royo. Entity/Agency in charge: Escola Universitària d’Infermeria Gimbern Description This project has consisted in defining the diagnostic label Fear of the process of dying,...

Multimodal intervention focused on the elderly patient under risk of hostile results, fragility and functional deterioration in the community and evaluation

Institut Universitari d’Investigació en Atenció Primària (IDIAP Jordi Gol), Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Cristina Casanovas-Guitart Entity/Agency in charge: Institut Català de la Salut – Institut Universitari d’Investigació en Atenció Primària (IDIAP Jordi Gol) Description The project refers to the design and evaluation of both the implementation and impact of a multimodal intervention focused on the elderly patient...

Controlled clinical study on the effectiveness of the Programa Pacient Expert Catalunya® in primary attention in the control of type 2 mellitus diabetes

Carrer Pica d'Estats, 08272 San Fructuoso de Bages, España
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Carme Boix de la Casa Entity/Agency in charge: Institut Català de la Salut. Gerència Territorial Catalunya Central Description The Programa Pacient Expert Catalunya® (PPE-Cat®) ensures the promotion of the quality of life and the coexistence with the chronical disease through the...

Impact of an educational program for people with Cushing’s syndrome: Multicentric Study

Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, Barcelona, España
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Mª Antonia Martínez Momblán Entity/Agency in charge: Centro de Investigación Biomédico de Enfermedades Raras (CIBERER 747) Description Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is a rare endocrine disease, characterized by the hypersecretion of cortisol, which is caused by a pituitary tumor (Cushing’s disease), or more rarely...

GRECS. Group of Research on Health Care

Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida Fundació Dr. Pifarré, Avinguda Alcalde Rovira Roure, Lleida, Espanya
LLEIDA Nurse in charge: Montserrat Gea Sánchez (IP), Joan Blanco Blanco (IP) Entity/Agency in charge: Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida (IRBLleida) and Centro CREBA Description The IRBLleida is an Institute of Biomedical Reseach that is committed to progress in its research in order to improve the...


LLEIDA Nurse in charge: Eva Barallat Gimeno (IP) Entity/Agency in charge: GRECS (Grup de Recerca en Cures de Salut -IRBLleida). Description The investigators of the Grup de Recerca en Cures de Salut (GRECS) of the Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida (IRBLleida) have taken part for the...

Effectiveness of a program of minimal educational intervention in asthma control and prevention of exacerbation (Prometheus)

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Carrer de Sant Quintí, Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Meritxell Peiró i Fàbregas Description BACKGROUND The current guides of clinical practice on asthma, national and international, catalogue the effectiveness of the educational programs with the highest possible level of evidence (A). But, in reality, the educational programs on asthma are...

Critical patients satisfaction regarding nurse cares

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Carrer de Sant Quintí, Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Marta Romero García Entity/Agency in charge: Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau de Barcelona Description Introduction Despite the benefits and progress in measuring the satisfaction regarding nurse care through the use of tools, none of them has been specifically...

Evaluation of the implementation process of the model NIDCAP from Neonatal Development Focused Care and Family support (DFC) in Spain.

Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron, Paseo del Valle de Hebrón, Barcelona, Espanya
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Leticia Bazo Hernández Entity/Agency in charge: Universitat Rovira i Virgili Description The transfer of the introduction and implementation process of the model Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP) in the two pioneer units in Spain, which are training centres...

COME “Caregivers and Me” project

Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida Fundació Dr. Pifarré, Avinguda Alcalde Rovira Roure, Lleida, Espanya
LLEIDA Nurse in charge: Carmen Nuin Orrio (IP) Entity/Agency in charge: GRECS (Grupo de Investigación en Cuidados de Salud -IRBLleida). Project financed by the European Commission within the framework of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) program. Official national code AC14/00027. Official international AAL-2014-127. Description CoME is a...

Participative investigation-action in Psychiatry acute units

Escola Superior d'Infermeria del Mar, Barcelona, España
BARCELONA Nurse in charge: Antonio R. Moreno Poyato Entity/Agency in charge: Escola Superior d’Infermeria del Mar Description The goals of the project were: firstly, generating changes in the nurse clinical practice on the Therapeutic Relationship in psychiatry units thanks to the implementation of evidences through...

New diagnosis of NANDA nursing: Risk of complicated migratory transition

Calle Padilla, 326-332, Barcelona, España
CATALONIA Nurse in charge: Rosa Rifà Ros Description The origin of the project goes back to 2006 with the Project of Improvement of the immigrant population care in primary health care in Catalunya, which was carried out from the GREVS (Group of Research on healthy lifestyles)....